Hohoi Mate talks about her notes from previous month(August)

Heyoo..It’s basically about few  of my favourite things in  the  previous month, “AUGUST”.

First of all , I wanna ask you all this..
Are you happy with your life?Are you living your life or going with the life or spending spending your life or taking things at a time or just shutting yourself up or have no clue what is going on! ?
Tell me your answer in the comment section below..

This month came with just so much of work.At the beginning of the month itself,I could feel the pressure  as I had to deal with lots of work .Some says this month went  rather too fast,well it’s rather too slow for me as it was a hectic month.The pressure from college,home and from  people.The never ending projects and assignments ,tests,morning classes and so and so on…..! Although
  It was a whole lot of exhausted month,loads of fun moments were added between and I actually learnt how to indulge in new things as well.
All thanks to GOD ,done with works and stressful situations at one point. And also followed by the bright and delight September where I found myself  standing at the top of the mountain rappelling ,climbing up the rock and jumaring and other activities including Archery.

*READING: The HOLY BIBLE is the only book which keeps me hanging on, strengthen me at times when I feel like giving up,adding colours to my dull and plain life.Reading everyday,it protects and guide me even in my worst situation.
 ~In your loneliness,in your sorrows,in your happiness,in your excitement,in your pain,in your doubt ,trust JESUS,because HE understands,HE knows,HE loves.What I want to say is that when you’re weak,HE is strong.

*LISTENING: Who Am I at,  It’s been on repeat for 2weeks straight.
*REGRETS:Nothing in particular,just a lessons learnt.
*LOVING:My lil’cousins

and the unpredictable romantic weather of Hyderabad

*INSPIRED BY: Arden cho , 
she’s in my top list ..Also a fashion icon,you’d always see her in something  funky out of the ordinary…I’ve become quite the stalker now ,😁.

*PLANING: I’m planning to give my best in whatever I do..

*LESSONS LEARNT: I’ve learnt that everything in life changes,even the people does[own experienced] The person whom I got so close to now become like a stranger who didn’t even bother to text or call .
*HAPPINESS: I’m glad and happy that GOD protects my near and dear ones.

I’m so thankful to GOD for my friends whom I met during my trip.It was just a day but we had so much of fun and memories.Some taught me how to conquer my fear and some are protective,caring, loving and soooooo onnnnnnnn…. Words just can’t express how happy I was ,I hope  that they too learnt atleast something from me.hello guys,I wouldn’t be as happy as I was on our trip if it wasn’t for you guys. Looking tan as hell but don’t care.😂😂😂😂

Thankyou for your visit guys are my strength.keep supporting and suggest some idea what to blog for the coming days..



Hi Lovies, I’m back and I’m sorry for being away for too long. . It has taken ages and ages to update what i’ve been upto because i had to attend every single classes and organised everything, writing notes, practical, the early morning alarms and a long hot summer day, I’ m so sick of it already but i have no choice because i have to do it.Anyways ,today I’d like to update and share what i’ve been through the past few months….!
Lets get started..

 This is my first time ever wearing saree which i thought too revealing but i think i liked it..

So we had this inter-college competition at St’Ann’s College, I love the college… 

When I first came to Hyderabad i never thought that i would enjoy being out here and making memories.I talked to myself and asked myself so many things which i now realized that all those are such an useless questions. I actually settled down , started going to college, I met so many good people and these humans ⏬ are part of it.

Rava, Angel & Nochi, you guys are the best.. We went to St’ Ann’s college for singing and dancing competitions where we created memories that will always linger.. I ❤️ you gals..
There’s more pics which i thought i should share with you all.. 

And im so thankful to this beauty who did my makeup and helped me wanna try something new and i respect her for she’s just so perfect. Super senior. 😍😍

………….. Bye till next time……………. 



Hello Lovies….!

I’m hohoi mate & Today, I’ll be sharing about my experiences and  the  benefits  of being an early bird(Literally,the perk of waking up early)….OK,Lets get started.

You see………When you wake up early ,you can spend time just for yourself.

To start your day,go with tea/coffee.As for me,I prefer green tea/coffee.Being an early bird,you can  feel the fresh wind breezing that slams your face,you can feel the  calmness of the crowded and chaotic world before the air has been polluted again.You’ll  see the ‘heaven on earth’ only in the morning(if that make sense)

Usually,i woke up around 7am and wash up ,head to kitchen ,drink a glass of water then go with  my tea/coffee but at times i don’t drink coffee/tea because I’m not a ‘breakfast worm’ type of person,I would survive without breakfast for the rest of my life …haha.

Oh…Dear…. hygiene……….!!!

How I love to keep my body clean and fresh for like…..24hrs…? It’s around 7:15am and i have an approximately 2 hrs before going to college.Shower in the morning before heading out from home is the coolest thing in Hyderabad.Being  able to feel fresh is one thing, shower in the morning keeps your body temperature right and to wash off all the nightmares you had  the previous night.

You know that you’re still a student who doesn’t have much time to waste especially in the morning.what comes in your mind..?? We often shout it out and scream out of frustration.But what did we get in returned..??????????????? nothing…..Absolutely nothing ,even if we happened to get an answer that one would be from our parents telling us to shut our mouth…..Right?????.So how about waking up just a little earlier than your daily routine? I did enjoy being an early bird since the past 2years,.It helps both my body and soul to find comfort and joy.

  .Another parts of the  perk of waking up early in the morning is that,you can choose and enjoy some of your fav. music,you can finish the tasks which you couldn’t finish lastnight,you can  call up some friends , you can take your own time .You have time to do your own makeup which will take atleast 10-15mins,you have time to choose the right combination of your clothes because you are what you wear..Lastly,you take your kickass shoes and ready to head out of the house and now you’re ready to embrace the long hot summer day………………!!!!!!!!!!!


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